A Poet’s Alphabet – W H Davies

A for Artist See what a light is in those painted clouds!
B for Beauty My girl has reached that lovely state
C for Child See how her arms now rise and fall,
D for Dog My dog went mad and bit my hand,
E for Eyes I need no glass to help my eyes,
F for Fiddles What an enchanted world is this,
G for Garden I’ll have the primrose grow in grass,
H for Hedge I climb a tree to bring them down-
I for Implements What lovely dark, blue flames, O Spade,
J for Jealousy I praised the daisies on my lawn,
K for Kings Love’s touch is soft, and Death
L for Light What lovely meadows have I seen in the Sun,
M for Mother It was a long, long time ago,
O for Open Are those small silver tumps a town,
N for Nature Day after day I find some new delight:
P for Pool I know a deep and lonely pool -that’s where
Q for Question The man who tells me he has seen a ghost,
R for Rememberance I have no memory of his face
S for Swimmer When I had crossed the hill at last,
T for Time You false church clock, whose long-drawn chimes
U for Union If Time and Nature serve us both alike,
V for Venus Is that star dumb, or am I deaf?
W for Will If I should die, this house is yours,
X for Expecting Come, come, my Love, the morning waits,
Y is For Youth Would I had met you in my days of strength,
Z for Zany Why does a woman change her moods?


A is for Artist

A for Artist

See what a light is in those painted clouds!
Surely the man’s immortal, who has wrought
This lovely picture with his hand and brain!
But at this thought
The glorious Sun in Heaven
Burst through a window-pane, and caught
The fringes of those clouds with such a light
That I fell back amazed-
To see that man
Made so much less immortal in my sight!