w h davies

O for Open Are those small silver tumps a town, A Poets Alphabet 1925
X for Expecting Come, come, my Love, the morning waits, A Poets Alphabet 1925
N for Nature Day after day I find some new delight: A Poets Alphabet 1925
H for Hedge I climb a tree to bring them down- A Poets Alphabet 1925
R for Rememberance I have no memory of his face A Poets Alphabet 1925
P for Pool I know a deep and lonely pool -that's where A Poets Alphabet 1925
E for Eyes I need no glass to help my eyes, A Poets Alphabet 1925
J for Jealousy I praised the daisies on my lawn, A Poets Alphabet 1925
W for Will If I should die, this house is yours, A Poets Alphabet 1925
U for Union If Time and Nature serve us both alike, A Poets Alphabet 1925
G for Garden I'll have the primrose grow in grass, A Poets Alphabet 1925
V for Venus Is that star dumb, or am I deaf? A Poets Alphabet 1925
M for Mother It was a long, long time ago, A Poets Alphabet 1925
K for Kings Love's touch is soft, and Death A Poets Alphabet 1925
D for Dog My dog went mad and bit my hand, A Poets Alphabet 1925
B for Beauty My girl has reached that lovely state A Poets Alphabet 1925
C for Child See how her arms now rise and fall, A Poets Alphabet 1925
A for Artist See what a light is in those painted clouds! A Poets Alphabet 1925
Q for Question The man who tells me he has seen a ghost, A Poets Alphabet 1925
F for Fiddles What an enchanted world is this, A Poets Alphabet 1925
I for Implements What lovely dark, blue flames, O Spade, A Poets Alphabet 1925
L for Light What lovely meadows have I seen in the Sun, A Poets Alphabet 1925
S for Swimmer When I had crossed the hill at last, A Poets Alphabet 1925
Z for Zany Why does a woman change her moods? A Poets Alphabet 1925
Y is For Youth Would I had met you in my days of strength, A Poets Alphabet 1925
T for Time You false church clock, whose long-drawn chimes A Poets Alphabet 1925
Property A dog has bones to spare and hide, A Poets Calendar 1927
Shooting-Stars A little porch with roof and sides A Poets Calendar 1927
An Epitaph Beneath this stone lies one good man; and when A Poets Calendar 1927
To a Contemporary By my fast horse that knows no rest A Poets Calendar 1927
Hill and Vale Day by day the man in the vale A Poets Calendar 1927
One By One Few are my friends, A Poets Calendar 1927
Winter Fire How bleak and cold the air is now- A Poets Calendar 1927
Sport Hunters, hunters, A Poets Calendar 1927
Old and Young I questioned Poetry, Say, I said- A Poets Calendar 1927
A Dull Spirit I see the houses, but I swear A Poets Calendar 1927
Giants I take no pride in body's growth A Poets Calendar 1927
The Dragonfly Now, when my roses are half buds, half flowers, A Poets Calendar 1927
Advice Now, you two eyes, that have all night been sleeping, A Poets Calendar 1927
Peace and Goodwill On Christmas day I sit and think, A Poets Calendar 1927
The Evening Star See how her body pants and glows, A Poets Calendar 1927
Storms She fears not me- A Poets Calendar 1927
Light and Darkness The world is sleeping, and the earth is dark, A Poets Calendar 1927
Sun, Tree And Crow There, on a branch, he stands alone, A Poets Calendar 1927
The White Horse What do I stare at - not the colt A Poets Calendar 1927
The Time of Dreams What sweet, what happy days had I, A Poets Calendar 1927
Frost What swords and spears, what daggers bright A Poets Calendar 1927
The Mask When I complained of April's day, A Poets Calendar 1927
The Spoiler When I put out my thought to grass A Poets Calendar 1927
Mad When she was but a little child, A Poets Calendar 1927
In Neath Valley - chapter 6 Between two rows of trees, A Poet's Pilgrimage 1918
To the Woman who will read this Poem to her Husband - chapter 17 I am the Poet Davies, William, A Poet's Pilgrimage 1918
Old Sailors - chapter 3 I loved a ship from early boyhood days; A Poet's Pilgrimage 1918
Wasting Time - chapter 20 Sometimes I watch the moon at night, A Poet's Pilgrimage 1918
Old Acquaintance - chapter 14 Thy water, Alteryn, A Poet's Pilgrimage 1918
The Hunt - chapter 21 We have no mind to reach that Pole A Poet's Pilgrimage 1918
The Lost Sex - chapter 5 What, still another woman false, A Poet's Pilgrimage 1918
The Start - chapter 1 When dogs play in the sun outdoors, A Poet's Pilgrimage 1918
Born Of Tears A thing that's rich in tears is sweet- Ambition 1929
Day or Night Again I wake and cry for light! Ambition 1929
Pot and Kettle 'Away!' I cried, to a spiteful Wasp, Ambition 1929
For Sale Four hundred years this little house has stood Ambition 1929
A Child's Fancy His chin went up and down, and chewed at nothing, Ambition 1929
Hunting Joy How sad a face this Knowledge wears! Ambition 1929
Ambition I had Ambition, by which sin Ambition 1929
If Love Survives If nothing takes away our power Ambition 1929
Letters If these six letters came from birds, Ambition 1929
This Bantam Star Is this the Blackbird's richest song- Ambition 1929
Heaven and Earth It may be true the stars are worlds, Ambition 1929
The Richest Stones My wandering days have run their course, Ambition 1929
Birthdays My friend has a birthday; Ambition 1929
Wild Blossoms No lilies all for milk, Ambition 1929
A Silver Wonder Shall I this night, amazed and full of wonder, Ambition 1929
Uncertainty Shall I confess my love? Ambition 1929
My Life's Example Stand with eyes fixed, the Cuckoo calls- Ambition 1929
In Winter The cold, ice-sucking Wind has gone, Ambition 1929
The Idiot The hand that rocked his cradle once Ambition 1929
The Blest The Vision came, all grey and cold, Ambition 1929
A Dream Of Winter These flowers survive their lover bees, Ambition 1929
Charity Things that are dear to me at home, Ambition 1929
Hand Or Mouth This, then, is Pleasure's bower, Ambition 1929
Peace and Rest Under this tree, where light and shade Ambition 1929
A Young Thrush What power of will- to follow now, Ambition 1929
Friends Unborn With this one friend- I ask no more- Ambition 1929
Eyes and Ears Would that the Powers that made my eyes so keen, Ambition 1929
The Two Children Ah, little boy! I see Child Lovers 1916
The Power of Silence And will she never hold her tongue, Child Lovers 1916
Come, thou sweet Wonder Come, thou sweet Wonder, by whose power Child Lovers 1916
The One Singer Dead leaves from off the tree Child Lovers 1916
The Inquest I took my oath I would enquire, Child Lovers 1916
The White Monster Last night I saw the monster near; the big Child Lovers 1916
My Lady Comes Peace, mournful Bee, with that Child Lovers 1916
The Visitor She brings that breath, and music too, Child Lovers 1916
Charms She walks as lightly as the fly Child Lovers 1916
Child Lovers Six summers old was she, and when she came Child Lovers 1916
Kitty and I The gentle wind that waves Child Lovers 1916
Friends They're creeping on the stairs outside, Child Lovers 1916
The Inexpressible Thinking of my caged bird indoors, Child Lovers 1916
This Night This night, as I sit here alone, Child Lovers 1916
A Mother to her Sick Child Thou canst not understand my words, Child Lovers 1916
Thou Comest, May Thou comest, May, with leaves and flowers, Child Lovers 1916
The Hospital Waiting-Room We wait our turn, as still as mice, Child Lovers 1916
The White Cascade What happy mortal sees that mountain now, Child Lovers 1916
April's Charms When April scatters coins of primrose gold Child Lovers 1916
Body and Spirit Who stands before me on the stairs: Child Lovers 1916
No idle gold -since this fine sun, my friend, Collected Poems 1916
Now do I hear thee weep and groan, Collected Poems 1916
Oh for a glass of wine! Collected Poems 1928
Good and Evil A wealth of stars in Winter time Common Joys 1939
The Blind Boxer - chapter 13 He goes with basket and slow feet, A Poet's Pilgrimage 1918
My Rockery Here in my garden I have lovely stones, Common Joys 1939
Past and Present I who have seen a tiny cloud, Common Joys 1939
Facts One night poor Jim had not a sou, Common Joys 1939
The Ghost Seek not to know love's full extent Common Joys 1939
Marvellous Ears That speckled Thrush, that stands so still, Common Joys 1939
Scotty Bill There's 'Scotty' Bill, four score of years, Common Joys 1939
Fortunes 'This house is worth a thousand pounds, Common Joys 1939
A Chant With all our mirth, I doubt if we shall be Common Joys 1939
Now When I was in yon town, and had Farewell to Poesy 1910
Selfish Hearts Without a thought Farewell to Poesy 1910
Come, Honest Boys Ye who have nothing to conceal, Farewell to Poesy 1910
To A Flirt You'll get no help from me; Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Sluggard A jar of cider and my pipe, Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Milkmaid's Song A Milkmaid, on a Summer's day, Farewell to Poesy 1910
A Month Ago A month ago, ah happy me! Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Trusting Young Ah, little bird, thou art not old; Farewell to Poesy 1910
Time's Justice Alas! we live in days of shame, Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Dark Hour And now, when merry winds do blow, Farewell to Poesy 1910
Death's Game Death can but play one game with me- Farewell to Poesy 1910
Knitting E'en though her tongue may by its force Farewell to Poesy 1910
Scotty's Luck 'Fatty,' one day, called 'Red-nosed Scot' Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Call of the Sea Gone are the days of canvas sails! Farewell to Poesy 1910
On the Death of a little Child Her pretty dances were her own, Farewell to Poesy 1910
Jenny Wren Her sight is short, she comes quite near; Farewell to Poesy 1910
Fancy How sad my life had been were't not for her, Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Dumb World I cannot see the short, white curls Farewell to Poesy 1910
An Old House in London In fancy I can see thee stand Farewell to Poesy 1910
No Master Indeed this is sweet life! my hand Farewell to Poesy 1910
To The Wind At Morn Is it for you Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Kingfisher It was the Rainbow gave thee birth Farewell to Poesy 1910
Clouds My Fancy loves to play with Clouds Farewell to Poesy 1910
Angry My Love sits angry; see! Farewell to Poesy 1910
Happy Wind Oh, happy wind, how sweet Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Green Tent Summer has spread a cool, green tent Farewell to Poesy 1910
Rose Sweet Margaret's laugh can make Farewell to Poesy 1910
Farewell to Poesy Sweet Poesy, why art thou dumb! Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Poppy Sweet Poppy, when thy beauty's gone, Farewell to Poesy 1910
The House Builder The Rain has lost more music keys, Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Idiot and the child There was a house where an old dame Farewell to Poesy 1910
In The Country This life is sweetest; in this wood Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Sailor to his Parrot Thou foul-mouthed wretch! Why dost thou choose Farewell to Poesy 1910
On Expecting some Books To-morrow they will come.  I know Farewell to Poesy 1910
To the New Year Welcome, New Year, but be more kind Farewell to Poesy 1910
The Philosophical Beggar When I went in the woods this morn to sleep, Farewell to Poesy 1910
Old Ragan Who lives in this black wooden hut? Farewell to Poesy 1910
A Strange City A wondrous city, that had temples there Foliage 1913
An Early Love Ah, sweet young blood, that makes the heart Foliage 1913
Christmas Christmas has come, let's eat and drink- Foliage 1913
The Wonder Maker Come, if thou'rt cold to Summer's charms, Foliage 1913
Love's Inspiration Give me the chance, and I will make Foliage 1913
Poor Kings God's pity on poor kings, Foliage 1913
A Greeting Good morning, Life -and all Foliage 1913
The Lonely Dreamer He lives his lonely life, and when he dies Foliage 1913
Who I Know I do not know his grace the Duke, Foliage 1913
Children At Play I hear a merry noise indeed: Foliage 1913
Dreams Of The Sea I know not why I yearn for thee again, Foliage 1913
Smiles I saw a black girl once, Foliage 1913
The Fog I saw the fog grow thick, Foliage 1913
The Old Oak Tree I sit beneath your leaves, old oak Foliage 1913
Laughing Rose If I were gusty April now, Foliage 1913
When The Cuckoo Sings In summer when the Cuckoo sings, Foliage 1913
Winter's Beauty Is it not fine to walk in spring, Foliage 1913
Seeking Joy Joy, how I sought thee! Foliage 1913
The Bird-Man Man is a bird: Foliage 1913
Love And The Muse My back is turned on Spring and all her flowers, Foliage 1913
The Starved My little Lamb, what is amiss? Foliage 1913
ThunderStorms My mind has thunderstorms, Foliage 1913
A Women's Charms My purse is yours, Sweet Heart, for I Foliage 1913
Return To Nature My song is of that city which Foliage 1913
My Youth My youth was my old age, Foliage 1913
The Two Lives Now how could I, with gold to spare, Foliage 1913
Strong Moments Sometimes I hear fine ladies sing, Foliage 1913
Sweet Stay-At-Home Sweet Stay-at-Home, sweet Well-content, Foliage 1913
Hidden Love The bird of Fortune sings when free, Foliage 1913
Sweet Birds, I come The bird that now Foliage 1913
Joy Supreme The birds are pirates of her notes, Foliage 1913
The Church Organ The homeless man has heard thy voice, Foliage 1913
Heigh Ho, The Rain The Lark that in heaven dim Foliage 1913
A May Morning The sky is clear, Foliage 1913
Mad Poll There goes mad Poll, dressed in wild flowers, Foliage 1913
Night Wanderers They hear the bell of midnight toll, Foliage 1913
Life Is Jolly This life is jolly, O! Foliage 1913
The Helpless Those poor, heartbroken wretches, doomed Foliage 1913
Dream Tragedies Thou art now always kind, O sleep: Foliage 1913
Francis Thompson Thou hadst no home, and thou couldst see Foliage 1913
Young Beauty When at each door the ruffian winds Foliage 1913
They're Taxing Ale Again Ale's no false liar; though his mind Forty New Poems 1918
In Time of War As I go walking down the street Forty New Poems 1918
Come, let us Find Come, let us find a cottage, love, Forty New Poems 1918
Lovely Dames Few are my books, but my small few have told Forty New Poems 1918
Killed in Action Happy the man whose home is still Forty New Poems 1918
In The Snow Hear how my friend the robin sings! Forty New Poems 1918
Passion's Greed His constant wonder keeps him back, Forty New Poems 1918
Cowslips and Larks I hear it said yon land is poor, Forty New Poems 1918
A Winter's Night It is a winter's night and cold, Forty New Poems 1918
The Bell It is the bell of death I hear, Forty New Poems 1918
Jove Warns Us Jove warns us with his lightning first, Forty New Poems 1918
Angel and Mystery Lo, I, that once was Fear, that hears Forty New Poems 1918
Molly Molly, with hips and ankles plump, Forty New Poems 1918
My Love could Walk My Love could walk in richer hues Forty New Poems 1918
Exalted Flower No more of that, you butterfly, Forty New Poems 1918
How Late Now thou hast made me blind, Forty New Poems 1918
Confession One hour in every hundred hours Forty New Poems 1918
The Holly on the Wall Play, little children, one and all, Forty New Poems 1918
The Girl is Mad She changes oft -she laughs and weeps, Forty New Poems 1918
The Shameless One She comes to see her brother John, Forty New Poems 1918
Raptures Sing for the sun your lyric, lark, Forty New Poems 1918
To My Thoughts Stay home and hear the birds and bees, Forty New Poems 1918
Forgiveness Stung by a spiteful wasp, Forty New Poems 1918
The Day She Seized That day she seized me like a bee, Forty New Poems 1918
The Dancer The great white Moon is not so fair- Forty New Poems 1918
A Strange Meeting The moon is full, and so am I; Forty New Poems 1918
The Voice The nightingale I had not heard, Forty New Poems 1918
Late Singers The Spring was late in coming, so, Forty New Poems 1918
Brothers They lived together day and night, Forty New Poems 1918
The Birds of Steel This apple-tree, that once was green, Forty New Poems 1918
Rags and Bones This morning, as I wandered forth, Forty New Poems 1918
The Soul's Companions Though floods shall fail, and empty holes Forty New Poems 1918
Till I Went Out Till I went out of doors to prove Forty New Poems 1918
We Arm to Fight We arm to fight the Kaiser's troops, Forty New Poems 1918
England We have no grass locked up in ice so fast Forty New Poems 1918
On hearing Mrs. Woodhouse play the Harpsichord We poets pride ourselves on what Forty New Poems 1918
Easter What exultations in my mind Forty New Poems 1918
What Thoughts are Mine What thoughts are mine when she is gone, Forty New Poems 1918
Birds When our two souls have left this mortal clay, Forty New Poems 1918
When Yon Full Moon When yon full moon's with her white fleet of stars, Forty New Poems 1918
The Excuse Why did you kill that harmless frog? Forty New Poems 1918
My Old Acquaitance Working her toothless gums till her sharp chin Forty New Poems 1918
Authors of the Sea A lonely coast, where sea-gulls scream for wrecks Later Days 1925
Reading for charity All from his cradle to his grave, Later Days 1925
Artists All An artist draws his own strange mind, Later Days 1925
Come away, Death, make no mistake, Later Days 1925
The End Here with my treasured Three I sit, Later Days 1925
In & Out of Luck How sordid is this crowded life, its spite Later Days 1925
On The Road I have two loves, and one is dark, Later Days 1925
The Camp ?? ROOKS Commom Joy Love kissed me in a strange, untruthful hour, Later Days 1925
In Time of War One night, when I was sleeping all alone, Later Days 1925
The Journey Shall I have jealous thoughts to nurse, Later Days 1925
The Poet and his Dog Still do I claim no man can reach Later Days 1925
Politics & Society This life in London - what a waste Later Days 1925
Literary Men When I went down past Charing Cross, Later Days 1925
Works of Art When I went wandering far from home, Later Days 1925
The Philosopher Who knows the perfect life on earth? Later Days 1925
Her face is full of silent Pain- Love Poems 1935
I count my pounds as three times two, Love Poems 1935
I had a friend to smoke and drink, Love Poems 1935
If woman's a delightful creature, Love Poems 1935
Let us lie close, as lovers should, Love Poems 1935
Love came about the Cuckoo's time, Love Poems 1935
Love is the precious jewel in our Life, Love Poems 1935
Love lights his fire to burn my Past- Love Poems 1935
My silver love is shared by all, Love Poems 1935
Our love this day is ten years old. Love Poems 1935
She flies from my shadow, Love Poems 1935
She pecks the earth for every second, Love Poems 1935
Should her flirting prove a danger, Love Poems 1935
Since Love cries out for money, still, Love Poems 1935
Since music is Love's milk and keeps him strong, Love Poems 1935
The bird that fills my ears with song, Love Poems 1935
The seed-time of this lovely life, Love Poems 1935
The Sun has his spots, the Moon has her shadows, Love Poems 1935
This bag of cherries for my Love- Love Poems 1935
To-day I acted Christ, Love Poems 1935
Two spirits in two bodies, Love, Love Poems 1935
When I was old, and she was young Love Poems 1935
When Love has lost his bite and sting, Love Poems 1935
Who is this man that, brain on fire, Love Poems 1935
Moss and Feather Pools but reflect his shape and form, Moss and Feather 1928
To Play Alone A Tom Tit clinging upside down, My Birds 1933
On Finding a Dead Bird Under my Window Here you lie, with feathers cold and wet- My Birds 1933
One Poet visits another His car was worth a thousand pounds and more, My Birds 1933
Crumbs and Guineas How many plates of crumbs, my little friend, My Birds 1933
Aye How many years since I, a wandering man, My Birds 1933
Magpies I have an orchard near my house, My Birds 1933
A Dog's Grave My dog lies dead and buried here, My Birds 1933
A Bright Day My windows now are giant drops of dew, My Birds 1933
Dreamers There was a poet once who died, My Birds 1933
Flying Blossoms These butterflies, in twos and threes, My Birds 1933
Wild Creatures They say wild creatures hide themselves, My Birds 1933
Old And Crazy Though rising early with the Lark- My Birds 1933
Owls What music, Lord, these birds must feel, My Birds 1933
Breast To Breast What strange commotion, Love, My Birds 1933
Voices of Scorn When I had thought my end was near, My Birds 1933
When I was once a wandering man, My Birds 1933
The Cuckoo When I was sitting near a stream, My Birds 1933
A Lovely Day A cloudless path from East to West, My Garden 1933
Bewitched Give me a night in June that's clear and quiet, My Garden 1933
The Bee Lover He comes with a song, My Garden 1933
Little Flower Little Flower, I hold you here, My Garden 1933
One a Cold Day My sacrament of wine and broken bread My Garden 1933
Logic My years to come are numbered on two hands, My Garden 1933
The Dead Not till my spirit's naked and ashamed, My Garden 1933
Drink Say that the House that makes our Laws My Garden 1933
The Man of Moods Sometimes I blow and praise a bubble, My Garden 1933
Eyes The owl has come My Garden 1933
Bells The Worlds march on and circle in their place, My Garden 1933
The River Severn This is the morning bright and clear, My Garden 1933
The Vagabond Tormented day and night by fleas, My Garden 1933
Sound  and Light When I stand here alone at night, My Garden 1933
Compensation When these sweet spirits, my most faithful friends, My Garden 1933
Beggar's Luck Where did you sleep in the Country, Lad? My Garden 1933
Dead Born A perfect child, with hands and feet, Nature Poems 1908
Sweet Music Ah, Music! it doth sound more sweet Nature Poems 1908
A Familiar Voice Ah, what fond memories that voice doth bring! Nature Poems 1908
Vain Beauty Ah, what is Beauty but vain show- Nature Poems 1908
Life Alone Beneath Heaven's roof I stand Nature Poems 1908
Sweet Youth And art thou gone, sweet Youth? Say Nay! Nature Poems 1908
The Milkmaid's Call As I walked down a lane this mom, Nature Poems 1908
A Merry Hour As long as I see Nature near, Nature Poems 1908
Australian Bill Australian Bill is dying fast, Nature Poems 1908
School's Out Girls scream, Nature Poems 1908
Go, Angry One Go, angry One, and let tears cold Nature Poems 1908
The Boy Go, little boy, Nature Poems 1908
The Sea Her cheeks were white, her eyes were wild, Nature Poems 1908
A Maiden and Hair Her cruel hands go in and out, Nature Poems 1908
Beauty's Danger How can she safely walk this earth, Nature Poems 1908
A Life's Love How I do love to sit and dream Nature Poems 1908
A Swallow that flew into the room I give thee back thy freedom, bird, Nature Poems 1908
In Days Gone I had a sweet companion once, Nature Poems 1908
The Muse I have no ale, Nature Poems 1908
The Rain I hear leaves drinking rain; Nature Poems 1908
I heard a voice methought was sweet; Nature Poems 1908
I know not why thy beauty should I lie on joy's enchanted ground: Nature Poems 1908
The Daisy I Know not why thy beauty should remind me of the cold,dark grave- Nature Poems 1908
Nature's Moods I like the showers that make the grass so fresh, Nature Poems 1908
Day's Balck Star Is it that small black star, Nature Poems 1908
The Laughers Mary and Maud have met at the door, Nature Poems 1908
Childhood's Hours My heart's a coffin cold, Nature Poems 1908
Truly Great My walls outside must have some flowers, Nature Poems 1908
The Sweetest Dream Nay, no more bitterness from me; Nature Poems 1908
A lovely Woman Now I can see what Helen was: Nature Poems 1908
Jenny Now I grow old, and flowers are weeds, Nature Poems 1908
The Change Now Winter's here; he and his ghostly Winds Nature Poems 1908
Joy and Pleasure Now, joy is born of parents poor, Nature Poems 1908
A Happy Life O what a life is this I lead, Nature Poems 1911
Tyrants Peace makes more slaves than savage war, Nature Poems 1908
A Luckless Pair Poor, luckless Bee, this sunny morn; Nature Poems 1908
Robin Redbreast Robin on a leafless bough Nature Poems 1908
Nature's Friend Say what you like Nature Poems 1908
The Moth Say, silent Moth, Nature Poems 1908
The Wind Sometimes he roars among the leafy trees Nature Poems 1908
City and Country The City has dull eyes, Nature Poems 1908
The Battle There was a battle in her face, Nature Poems 1908
March There's not one leaf can say to me Nature Poems 1908
The Thieves Thieves, Death and Absence, come Nature Poems 1908
Where We Differ To think my thoughts all hers Nature Poems 1908
To a Butterfly We have met Nature Poems 1908
The One Real Gem Wealth, Power and Fame -aye, even Love Nature Poems 1908
A Vagrant's Life What art thou, Life, and what am I? Nature Poems 1908
A Beggar's Life When farmers sweat and toil at ploughs, Nature Poems 1908
The Trickster When first I left a town, Nature Poems 1908
Early Morn When I did wake this morn from sleep Nature Poems 1908
Money When I had money, money, O! Nature Poems 1908
When I Returned When I returned to that great London Town, Nature Poems 1908
A Summer's Noon White lily clouds Nature Poems 1908
Waiting Who can abide indoors this morn, Nature Poems 1908
The Cheat Yes, let the truth be heard, Nature Poems 1908
Solitude Yes, Solitude indeed: for I can see Nature Poems 1908
A Richer Freight You Nightingales, that came so far Nature Poems 1908
The Two Lives Youth thinks green apples sweet, Nature Poems 1908
The Calm A bird sings on yon apple bough, New Poems 1907
Parted Alack for life! New Poems 1907
The Ways Of Time As far as my own heart's concerned, New Poems 1907
The Dying He fumbles in the clothes for want of thought, New Poems 1907
A Blind Child Her baby brother laughed last night, New Poems 1907
The Jolly Tramp I am a jolly tramp: I whine to you, New Poems 1907
A Safe Estate If I hear Robin sing in mirth, New Poems 1907
In June I'll enter into June's cool house, New Poems 1907
The Toothache Last night, though I had fifty souls, New Poems 1907
Music Let Fortune gift on gift besto New Poems 1907
The Primrose No more, from now, called pale and wan, New Poems 1907
A Familiar Face O for an old familiar face, New Poems 1907
Ale O what a merry world I see New Poems 1907
Violent To The Bee O you false knight in shining mail, New Poems 1907
Facts One night poor Jim had not a sou, New Poems 1907
New-Comers So many birds have come along, New Poems 1907
The Happiest Life Take from the present hour its sweets; New Poems 1907
Margery The Butterfly loves Mignonette, New Poems 1907
The End Of Summer The Dandelion sails away,- New Poems 1907
Hope Abandoned The drinking man maybe hath gold, and then New Poems 1907
Wondering Brown There came a man to sell his shirt, New Poems 1907
Strange People There was a man I knew, New Poems 1907
Scotty Bill There's 'Scotty' Bill, four score of years, New Poems 1907
The Distinction This Talent is a slip, or shoot, New Poems 1907
One We Love Thou miser, Time, who gave to me New Poems 1907
Time's Rule Time called me out of a dark room New Poems 1907
The Homeless Man Wake up yon wretch in rags, New Poems 1907
Catherine We children every morn would wait New Poems 1907
April What happy shouts the children make, New Poems 1907
The Forsaken Dead What tyrant starved the living out, and kept New Poems 1907
The Likeness When I came forth this morn I saw New Poems 1907
Whiskey Whiskey, thou blessed heaven in the brain, New Poems 1907
Saturday Nights In The Slums Why do I stare at faces, why, New Poems 1907
The Lament of Age Why must I dig this old mine still, New Poems 1907
The Ox Why should I pause, poor beast, to praise New Poems 1907
The City's Ways Ye say the City stunts the child, New Poems 1907
No Careless Mind A granted joy can make a careless mind, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Ships and Stars As soon as I began to name a star, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Silver Hours Come, lovely Morning, rich in frost Poems 1930-1931 1932
Come, Melancholy Come, Melancholy, come, Delight: Poems 1930-1931 1932
Old Friends Forgive me, World, if I outlive my welcome; Poems 1930-1931 1932
The Poor Give them your silver, let the poor Poems 1930-1931 1932
Trails He leaves his silver trail behind, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Kiss and Blow He takes that woman with his kiss, Poems 1930-1931 1932
The Visitor Her beauty is a wasted thing, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Wonderful Places I am haunted by wonderful places- Poems 1930-1931 1932
What Light? I know my Body well, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Old Autumn Is this old Autumn standing here, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Loyalty Kings, who would have good subjects, must Poems 1930-1931 1932
The Prayer of Daft Harry Lord, since this world is filled with fire, Poems 1930-1931 1932
A Prayer Lord, hear my morning's prayer! Poems 1930-1931 1932
Bird and Cloud Lord, if that Cloud still grows and swells, Poems 1930-1931 1932
A Sweeter Life No bitter tongue, no grief for what is gone, Poems 1930-1931 1932
A Fleeting Wonder See where he rides, all hot and fast- Poems 1930-1931 1932
The Legacy She died when I was wild and young, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Epitaph on John Keats Some poets die consumed by love Poems 1930-1931 1932
Clocks Still comes no answer to my greatest question- Poems 1930-1931 1932
Playmates That is your little playmate, Jane, Poems 1930-1931 1932
The Chase The Moon his mare, all silver-bright, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Age and Youth The music's dull -I trust my Ears; Poems 1930-1931 1932
The World Dictates The World dictates my life from day to day, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Here Am I The World has shared my joy and pain, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Epitaph on a Child They killed her lamb, and no one wept, Poems 1930-1931 1932
No Place or Time This curly childhood of the year, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Starlings This time of year, when but the Robin sings, Poems 1930-1931 1932
The Enemy Though I am all for warmth and light, Poems 1930-1931 1932
The Lady of Light Though I must sleep, and give my body rest, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Jewels Twice in one hour I've seen this lovely Night, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Ourselves We live to read each others' soul- Poems 1930-1931 1932
Flowers What favourite flowers are mine, I cannot say- Poems 1930-1931 1932
When and Where What man was in the Moon last night? Poems 1930-1931 1932
The Mourner When all your bitter grief is gone, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Sick Minds When I am sick and dark depression Poems 1930-1931 1932
Poison When this strange world speaks ill of me, Poems 1930-1931 1932
A Child's Mint When young, I kissed a miser man, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Mangers Who knows the name and country now, Poems 1930-1931 1932
Love's Payment All fish and fowl, all fruit, and all you drink, Secrets 1924
The Poet's Horse Come, show the world your mettle now, Secrets 1924
The Two Stars Day has her star, as well as Night, Secrets 1924
The Doll Dinah is young, and I am old; Secrets 1924
Violet and Oak Down through the trees is my green walk- Secrets 1924
Secrets Had I a secret plan by which, Secrets 1924
Evil How often in my dreams have I beheld Secrets 1924
The Joy of Life How sweet is Life, how beautiful, Secrets 1924
Breath How those wet tombstones in the sun Secrets 1924
Earth Love I love the earth through my two eyes, Secrets 1924
When Love Is Young I, who had eyes to wander here and there, Secrets 1924
Dust If Life is dust, is not dust Life? Secrets 1924
The Meadow Leafy with little clouds, the sky Secrets 1924
A Miracle Let women long for dainty things, Secrets 1924
The Trick No answer, yet I called her name, Secrets 1924
The Rabbit Not even when the early birds Secrets 1924
The Fear Oft have I thought the Muse was dead, Secrets 1924
The Cave Once, in that cave, I heard my breath: Secrets 1924
At Night One night I heard a small, weak voice, Secrets 1924
Leaves Peace to these little broken leaves, Secrets 1924
The Rivals Pleasure is not the one I love: Secrets 1924
The Rainbow Rainbows are lovely things: Secrets 1924
See Where Young Love See where Young Love sits all alone, Secrets 1924
To a Lady Friend Since you have turned unkind, Secrets 1924
The Schemes of Love Sleeping in some green bower, and wrapped Secrets 1924
The Pond So innocent, so quiet -yet Secrets 1924
Our Longer Life Some little creatures have so short a life Secrets 1924
My Garden The lilac in my garden comes to bloom, Secrets 1924
Rogues The nearer unto Nature's heart I moved, Secrets 1924
One Token The power was given at birth to me Secrets 1924
The World Approves The shade and colour of her eyes can wait, Secrets 1924
The Nature Lover The years passed by, and my pure love Secrets 1924
In Spring-time There's many a pool that holds a cloud Secrets 1924
Pity Though you are gone and I am left alone, Secrets 1924
Cant What cant, oh, what hypocrisy Secrets 1924
Down Underground What work is going on down underground, Secrets 1924
Love, Like a Drop of Dew When I pass down the street and see Secrets 1924
The Fates When I was lying sick in bed Secrets 1924
The Snowflake When we are young and wake from sleep, Secrets 1924
The Two Heavens When, with my window opened wide at night, Secrets 1924
The Child and the Mariner A dear old couple my grandparents were, Songs of Joy 1911
Fairies, Take Care A thousand blessings, Puck, on you Songs of Joy 1911
A Woman's Glory A woman's glory is not hair, Songs of Joy 1911
The Posts A year's a post, on which Songs of Joy 1911
Ingratitude Am I a fool? Songs of Joy 1911
The Harvest Home's a home indeed; Songs of Joy 1911
The Sleepers As I walked down the waterside Songs of Joy 1911
Love's Happiness Blow, blow, thou Eastern wind, Songs of Joy 1911
The Winged Flower Bright Butterfly, Songs of Joy 1911
Day's That Have Been Can I forget the sweet days that have been Songs of Joy 1911
Seeking Beauty Cold winds can never freeze, nor thunder sour Songs of Joy 1911
Circumstance Down in the deep salt sea Songs of Joy 1911
Treasures He hailed me with a cheerful voice, Songs of Joy 1911
The Quarrel Hear me, thou proud, deceitful maid, Songs of Joy 1911
The Example Here's an example from Songs of Joy 1911
Love's Power I ask not of high tide or low, Songs of Joy 1911
A Mother's Science I heard a man once say this world Songs of Joy 1911
In The Wood I Lie On Joys's Enchanted Ground: Songs of Joy 1911
A Dream I met her in the leafy woods, Songs of Joy 1911
Sadness and Joy I pray you, Sadness, leave me soon, Songs of Joy 1911
The Happy Child I saw this day sweet flowers grow thick- Songs of Joy 1911
Man I saw Time running by- Songs of Joy 1911
The Stars At Work I see the busy stars at work, Songs of Joy 1911
The Flood I thought my true love slept; Songs of Joy 1911
To A Bore I walk to look, Songs of Joy 1911
Captives In this deep hollow, lying down, Songs of Joy 1911
The Little Man Last night I sat in thought, Songs of Joy 1911
Christ The Man Lord, I say nothing; I profess Songs of Joy 1911
The Bed-Sitting-Room Must I live here, with Scripture on my walls, Songs of Joy 1911
Sound and Grace My love laughs sweeter than a brook Songs of Joy 1911
Love and Immortality My wonder is the great bright sun, Songs of Joy 1911
The Elements No house of stone Songs of Joy 1911
O Happy Blackbird O happy Blackbird, happy soul, Songs of Joy 1911
The Power Of Music O those sweet notes, so soft and faint; that seemed Songs of Joy 1911
The heap Of Rags One night when I went down Songs of Joy 1911
Beauty's Revenge Proud Margery rang her peal of bells; Songs of Joy 1911
Self-Love She had two eyes as blue as Heaven, Songs of Joy 1911
Songs of Joy Sing out, my Soul, thy songs of joy; Songs of Joy 1911
The East In Gold Somehow this world is wonderful at times, Songs of Joy 1911
To Sparrows Fighting Stop, feathered bullies I Songs of Joy 1911
Fancy's Home Tell me, Fancy, sweetest child, Songs of Joy 1911
The Owl The boding Owl, that in despair Songs of Joy 1911
The Little Ones The little ones are put in bed, Songs of Joy 1911
The Temper Of A Maid The Swallow dives in yonder air, Songs of Joy 1911
To A Rich Lady Though thou hast silk to wear, and though Songs of Joy 1911
The Grey-Haired Child Thy father was a drunken man, Songs of Joy 1911
Leisure What is this life if, full of care, Songs of Joy 1911
Beauty's Bait When Beauty scents with love her bait, Songs of Joy 1911
Sheep When I was once in Baltimore, Songs of Joy 1911
Dreaming Of Death When I, awake, have thoughts of Death, Songs of Joy 1911
Days Too Short When primroses are out in Spring, Songs of Joy 1911
Shopping When thou hast emptied thy soft purse, Songs of Joy 1911
The Doubtful One When tigers flee from fire, the deer Songs of Joy 1911
The Two Flocks Where are you going to now, white sheep, Songs of Joy 1911
Rich Or Poor With thy true love I have more wealth Songs of Joy 1911
War Ye Liberals and Conservatives, Songs of Joy 1911
In May Yes, I will spend the livelong day Songs of Joy 1911
To A Working Man You working man of what avail Songs of Joy 1911
Slum Children Your songs at night a drunkard sings, Songs of Joy 1911
Again I Sing Again I sing of thee, sweet youth: The Bird of Paradise 1914
Infancy Born to the world with my hands clenched, The Bird of Paradise 1914
Come, Let Me Close Come, let me close thine eyes with kisses The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Child and the Man Dreaming I was a child, The Bird of Paradise 1914
In a Garden Far from the sound of commerce, where the bees The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Signs Flowers white and red my garden has; The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Life Divine Give me the poet's life divine, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Child Chatters Good morning to my dolly, first, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Rev. Ebenezer Paul He begs from rich men for the poor, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Bird of Paradise Here comes Kate Summers who, for gold, The Bird of Paradise 1914
Her Absence How rich hath Time become through her, The Bird of Paradise 1914
Early Spring How sweet this morning air in spring, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Black Cloud Little flocks of peaceful clouds, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Two Spirits My friend, mad drunk, struck at his foe, The Bird of Paradise 1914
In Silent Groves My walk is now in silent groves, The Bird of Paradise 1914
A Midsummer Night's Storm Night, Lightning, Thunder, Rain. The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Wanderer No morning breaks but he would pack, The Bird of Paradise 1914
Love's Youth Not only is my love a flower The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Best Friend Now shall I walk, The Bird of Paradise 1914
Stars One night I saw ten stars take wing- The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Dumb World Shall I collect for this world's eyes The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Dreaming Boy Sweet are thy dreams, thou happy, carelem boy; The Bird of Paradise 1914
A Great Time Sweet Chance, that led my steps abroad, The Bird of Paradise 1914
Sweet Child Sweet child, thou wast my bird by day, The Bird of Paradise 1914
Sweet Night Sweet Night, that like an angel comes The Bird of Paradise 1914
Heaven That paradise the Arab dreams, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Collier's Wife The collier's wife had four tall sons The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Mind's Liberty The mind, with its own eyes and ears, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The small birds peck at apples ripe, The Bird of Paradise 1914
Nell Barnes They lived apart for three long years, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Long Sleep They press the pillow their mother's face and head; The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Den They sleep together in one den, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Hawk Thou dost not fly, thou art not perched, The Bird of Paradise 1914
A Fleeting Passion Thou shalt not laugh, thou shalt not romp, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Moon Thy beauty haunts me heart and soul The Bird of Paradise 1914
Rich Days Welcome to you rich Autumn days, The Bird of Paradise 1914
Two Spring Songs What little bird is this that sings? The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Weeping Child What makes thee weep so, little child, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Hermit What moves that lonely man is not the boom The Bird of Paradise 1914
On the Mountain When from this mighty mountain's top The Bird of Paradise 1914
When I am Old When I am old, and it is spring, The Bird of Paradise 1914
When I in Praise When I in praise of babies speak, The Bird of Paradise 1914
Near a Quiet Stream When musing near a quiet stream, The Bird of Paradise 1914
When on a Summer's Morn When on a summer's morn I wake, The Bird of Paradise 1914
This World Who dreams a sweeter life than this, The Bird of Paradise 1914
In the End With all thy gold, thou canst not make The Bird of Paradise 1914
Plants and Men You berries once, The Bird of Paradise 1914
The Emigrant Youth has no ties, The Bird of Paradise 1914
A New World A new World calls, in voices loud and strange, The Birth of Song 1936
The Age of Gold A silver shilling for his white-haired Granny, The Birth of Song 1936
Combing All for the sake of lovely dreams, The Birth of Song 1936
Named As I marched out one day in Spring, The Birth of Song 1936
Man Come, let us measure The Birth of Song 1936
The Birth Of Song I am as certain of my song, The Birth of Song 1936
Good Friends I brought two friends to share my fire, The Birth of Song 1936
To W.S- On his Wonderful Toys Lend me your precious toys, The Birth of Song 1936
Broken Hearts My dog creeps into my shadowed form, The Birth of Song 1936
Tell me, World, and Tell me, Nature No spoilt, no pampered child am I, The Birth of Song 1936
Catching the Devil Not while her charms are still in flower, The Birth of Song 1936
The Lilly of our Valley Once on a time, in Pontypool, The Birth of Song 1936
Success Sharpen your claws, Pussy-cat, The Birth of Song 1936
All's Well The cat has her milk, The Birth of Song 1936
The Witness The witness to my document The Birth of Song 1936
Love in Trouble The World is poor, and Love is lonely, The Birth of Song 1936
This is a Joy This is a joy no laughter shakes, The Birth of Song 1936
Scandal This is God's poorest lambing-time, The Birth of Song 1936
Street Criers When Poll stays here, her Jack goes there, The Birth of Song 1936
Song of the Miners When starving cattle see The Birth of Song 1936
Rich Companions While I have these two rich companions left, The Birth of Song 1936
Father and Son 'While we enjoy this meat, my Son, The Birth of Song 1936
The Conquerors Who are these men with quiet smiles- The Birth of Song 1936
The Mongrel Your Laurel Hedge, with its broad leaves, The Birth of Song 1936
Wasted Hours How many buds in this warm light The Hour of Magic 1922
Wild Oats How slowly moves the snail, that builds The Hour of Magic 1922
Lamorna Cove I see at last our great Lamorna Cove, The Hour of Magic 1922
To a Fool If, when thy body's end has come, The Hour of Magic 1922
To Bacchus I'm none of those- Oh Bacchus, blush! The Hour of Magic 1922
Our Sussex Downs My youth is gone- my youth that laughed and yawned The Hour of Magic 1922
The Grief of Others Once more I see the happy young The Hour of Magic 1922
Impudence One morning, when the world was gray and cold, The Hour of Magic 1922
Joy Poor souls, who think that joy is bought The Hour of Magic 1922
The Portrait She sends her portrait, as a swallow, The Hour of Magic 1922
Pastures That grass is tender, soft and sweet, The Hour of Magic 1922
Two Women The midwife nearly drowned my son, The Hour of Magic 1922
The Trance The Moon is beautiful this night: The Hour of Magic 1922
The Hour of Magic This is the hour of magic, when the Moon The Hour of Magic 1922
The Beautiful Three things there are more beautiful The Hour of Magic 1922
Strength What lies I read, that men of strength The Hour of Magic 1922
Her Merriment When I had met my love the twentieth time, The Hour of Magic 1922
A Thought When I look into a glass, The Hour of Magic 1922
A Woman's History When Mary Price was five years old, The Hour of Magic 1922
The Collar Who taught fair Cleopatra how to bring The Hour of Magic 1922
Telling Fortunes 'You'll have a son,' the old man said- The Hour of Magic 1922
The Last Years A dog, that has ten years of breath, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Taking Stock A pipe to smoke, and ale that's mulled, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
All in June A week ago I had a fire, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Men That Think Be damned, you cheeks, be damned and sink; The Loneliest Mountain 1939
A Cat's Example For three whole days I and my cat The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Music's Tragedy Had birds no season for their precious songs, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Pride and Humility He passed me by in April, Lord, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Days and Years How softly now my Days go by- The Loneliest Mountain 1939
The Dead Tree I had a cherry tree, one day, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
The Tugged Hand I have no ears or eyes The Loneliest Mountain 1939
A Change Of Voice I heard a Lady near my door The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Armed For War Is life on Earth a viler thing The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Following a Bee Of primrose boys The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Trust Once I was wise when, in my Youth, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
The Mind Speaks Poor Body, sitting there so calm, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Common Joys See how those diamonds splutter and choke- The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Worms Silkworms have dressed the fairest women, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
The Lonliest Mountain The loneliest mountain, with no house or tree, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Nailsworth Hill The Moon, that peeped as she came up, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Life The quality of life on earth The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Silent Eyes There is a bird that, in her throat, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Speed Think, Man of Flesh, and be not proud The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Woman We're but the Shadows of these Women Suns, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
The Worm's Contempt What do we earn for all our gentle grace? The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Looks What knowledge do my Ears provide, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
That Golden Time When will it come, that golden time, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
The Deed When I, made merry with the wine, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Slippers When Youth is gone, and Beauty too The Loneliest Mountain 1939
The Load Of Pearls Will no one stop that Blackbird now, The Loneliest Mountain 1939
Give her her ribbon, belt or scarf- The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
How strange that Love should be like this, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
If my last thoughts contain no wish The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
One kiss to open up the day, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
Ten Junes to hear the Nightingale, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
The healthiest place for Love is here, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
The healthiest trees bear fruits that fail, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
The laws of Beauty and its patterns The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
The Peacock, that fine-feathered bird, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
Though bees have stings, I doubt if any bee The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
Though I sit brooding here, with my eyes closed, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
What can I find in my wild orchard, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
What can I find in the city shops, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
What glorious sunsets have their birth The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
When Love is strong in married couples, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
When she threatened to leave me, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
When we forget, that Nature gives The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
When we're together, how the moments fly! The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
Who would not be a poet, when The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
Why did we think no power in Heaven The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
Workhouse and Bedlam, Refuge, Den, The Lovers' Song-Book 1933
The Flirt A pretty game, my girl, The Song of Life 1920
The Song of Life A sneeze from Time gives Life its little breath; The Song of Life 1920
A Bird's Anger A summer's morning that has but one voice; The Song of Life 1920
Her Mouth and Mine As I lay dreaming, open-eyed, The Song of Life 1920
The Clock Every tick and every tock The Song of Life 1920
Comfort From my own kind I only learn The Song of Life 1920
Worm-Proof "Have I not bored your teeth," said Time, The Song of Life 1920
The Force of Love Have I now found an angel in Unrest, The Song of Life 1920
The Coming of Spring How I have watched thy coming, Spring, The Song of Life 1920
How Kind is Sleep How kind is sleep, how merciful: The Song of Life 1920
To-day I have no hopes, I have no fears, The Song of Life 1920
Love Speechless I look on Nature and my thoughts, The Song of Life 1920
The Coming of Peace It was the night when we expected news from France, The Song of Life 1920
Let Me Confess Let me confess, before I die, The Song of Life 1920
Love Impeached Listen for pity -I impeach The Song of Life 1920
A Song My love has gone long since, The Song of Life 1920
Bird and Brook My song, that's bird-like in its kind, The Song of Life 1920
The Mint Nature has made my mind a mint, The Song of Life 1920
Now That She Gives Now that she gives my love consent, The Song of Life 1920
Oh, Sweet Content! Oh, sweet content, that turns the labourer's sweat The Song of Life 1920
The Truth Since I have seen a bird one day, The Song of Life 1920
Love's Caution Tell them, when you are home again, The Song of Life 1920
The Rat "That woman there is almost dead, The Song of Life 1920
The Dog The dog was there, outside her door, The Song of Life 1920
Trees They ask me where the Temple stands, The Song of Life 1920
Love's Silent Hour This is Love's silent hour, before the tongue The Song of Life 1920
The Captive Lion Thou that in fury with thy knotted tail The Song of Life 1920
April's Lambs 'Though I was born in April's prime, The Song of Life 1920
What County? What county sends me this surprise, The Song of Life 1920
A Child's Pet When I sailed out of Baltimore, The Song of Life 1920
When Leaves Begin When leaves begin to show their heads, The Song of Life 1920
The Villain While joy gave clouds the light of stars, The Song of Life 1920
Passion's Hounds With mighty leaps and bounds, The Song of Life 1920
The Cat Within that porch, across the way, The Song of Life 1920
You Interfering Ladies You interfering ladies, you The Song of Life 1920
One Thing Wanting 'Your life was hard with mangling clothes, The Song of Life 1920
The Song Of Love The oak bears little acorns, yet The Song of Love 1926
A Drinking Song A Bee goes mumbling homeward pleased, The Soul's Destroyer 1907
Love's Coming An hour or more she's gone, The Soul's Destroyer 1907
Autumn Autumn grows old; he, like some simple one, The Soul's Destroyer 1907
Death Beauty'll be no fairer than The Soul's Destroyer 1907
In A Lodging House 'Get to thy room,' a voice told me, The Soul's Destroyer 1907
The Prover If Life gives friends, The Soul's Destroyer 1907
Sleep Life's angel half, sweet Sleep, The Soul's Destroyer 1907
The Soul's Destroyer London! What utterance the mind finds here! The Soul's Destroyer 1907
The Lodging House Fire My birthday -yesterday, The Soul's Destroyer 1907
The Hill-side Park Some banks cropped close, and lawns smooth mown and green, The Soul's Destroyer 1907
Beauty's Light Think not her face is patched with pink, The Soul's Destroyer 1907
Lines To A Sparrow What shall we call thee -mouse o' the air, The Soul's Destroyer 1907
Love Absent Where wert thou, love, when from Twrn Barlum turned The Soul's Destroyer 1907
Saints And Lodgers Ye Saints, that sing in rooms above, The Soul's Destroyer 1907
Drinking Song Ah, Life, we are no sooner dressed True Travellers 1923
Song Around that waist, scarce bigger than my neck, True Travellers 1923
Beggar's Song Good people keep their holy day, True Travellers 1923
Song Her body's a fine house, True Travellers 1923
Song I could not love him more- True Travellers 1923
Song Men that have strength to rule their sex True Travellers 1923
Song Night is the only time I live, True Travellers 1923
Now That The Tears Now that the tears of love have reached True Travellers 1923
Song On what sweet banks were thy pure fancies fed, True Travellers 1923
Song See how the glow-worm's light is found True Travellers 1923
Chorus The woods and banks of England now, True Travellers 1923
Song The world may charge a man with sin, True Travellers 1923
When Autumn's Fruit When Autumn's fruit is packed and stored, True Travellers 1923
Song When diamonds, nibbling in my ears, True Travellers 1923
Song Where she is now, I cannot say- True Travellers 1923
Song Who bears in mind misfortunes gone, True Travellers 1923
Song With thy strong tide of beauty I must go, True Travellers 1923
Song Without contentment, what is life? True Travellers 1923